Day: April 27, 2019

Gathering Conducting Ceremony To Bali Hindu Religion

Bandar Judi Bola – In other religious ties as fellow Balinese Hindus on holidays or holy holy days of Hindu religion, Balinese people always perform various ceremonies to the religion together. Another bond in other Balinese people is a bond between citizens between castes, according to the teachings of the Hindu religion of human society.

Consisting of 4 castes composed of 4 social layers, namely the Brahma caste, Vaishya knight and Shudra. in the Balinese caste community it is referred to and interpreted by the people. They are bound to a marriage between marriage or the most ideal and free marriage is the marriage between the nature of children of two men and women brothers according to Buddhist culture.

The Balinese community consists of the third Brahman knight of Vaishaya called Jabu. Every country has its own title or name that cannot be used by other caste citizens.

In addition to the various bonds mentioned above, there is a bond that is recommended for certain livelihood facilities and is incorporated in the organization of making gongs and seka lines, namely an organization between the artisans involved, that is the gathering of girls. Some examples such as sekala gong are artisans involved in livelihood activities for other aspects of life.